100mm Wall Guard with Continuous Retainer


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Gradus wall guards (also known as bumper bars or crash rails) are modular in construction and are suitable for use in busy working environments such as hospital circulation areas, wards and corridors to protect against damage caused by wheeled and pedestrian traffic.

The WGA100 wall guard comprises a continuous aluminium retainer, PVC-u cover and PVC-u end caps. It has been designed to provide a tight fit to the wall to minimise the collection of dirt and dust.

The covers are replaceable if damaged by heavy impact and are through-coloured and textured to conceal the effects of impact and abrasion.  The end caps include black reveals that provide a tight, neat joint and contain an anti-microbial agent to inhibit the growth of bacteria.

The angled design of the WGA100 makes it ideal for providing indirect protection and keeping traffic of different heights away from the wall. It can be specified in new buildings where the types and levels of traffic are unknown and potential damage is difficult to predict or in buildings where the types of traffic are varied and indirect protection is a cost effective alternative to placing wall guards at every level of impact.

The WGA100 is 4 metres in length and available in 33 colour options.

Gradus Colours

Alum, Apricot, Azure, Bamboo, Bark, Black, Bluebell, Chalk, Cinnamon, Clay, Denim, Emerald, Flint, Garnet, Glacier, Granite, Gravel, Greige, Hessian, Iris, Ivory, Lavendar Grey, Meadow, Melon, Pebble, Poppy, Sand, Shale, Sienna, Slate, Straw, Ultramarine, Wicker