Bed Head Protector Double Unit. 750mm long


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Gradus BHPA100 bed head protectors are designed to prevent damage to walls and wall mounted equipment from beds that are frequently moved around, elevated or inclined and are ideal for use in healthcare environments. They are generally fixed on the wall in pairs or can be used separately as chair protectors.

The BHPA100 bed head protector is supplied as a pre-cut packaged system for ease of installation. It comprises PVC-u covers, aluminium retainers and PVC-u end caps.

The covers are replaceable if damaged by heavy impact and are through-coloured and textured to conceal the effects of impact and abrasion.  The end caps include black reveals that provide a tight, neat joint and contain an anti-microbial agent to inhibit the growth of bacteria.

The angled design is ideal for keeping beds and other moveable objects away from the wall. Extender options are also available to provide increased projection allowing for protection of medical services and trunking – contact Gradus for details.

The BHPA100 is available in 33 colours.

Gradus Colours

Alum, Apricot, Azure, Bamboo, Bark, Black, Bluebell, Chalk, Cinnamon, Clay, Denim, Emerald, Flint, Garnet, Glacier, Granite, Gravel, Greige, Hessian, Iris, Ivory, Lavendar Grey, Meadow, Melon, Pebble, Poppy, Sand, Shale, Sienna, Slate, Straw, Ultramarine, Wicker